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experience the art of design

Family room interior design & styling, paint and accent wall, furniture and decor selection, lighting and gallery wall.


Graphic design sample, logo and menu design, custom branding.


Step into my studio and explore the process of creating personalized designs crafted specifically for you or your company. With meticulous attention to detail and passion for all things creative, I specialize in turning your concepts into aesthetic designs.


I'm Sarah.

With a degree in graphic design and over two decades of experience in visual media across diverse industries, I'm here to offer my expertise. I invite you to explore my portfolio and let me know how I can help with your creative needs.


My love for interior design and home decor started way back when I used to draw on my closet and bedroom walls. From there, I moved on to refinishing old furniture and lending a hand to friends and family in sprucing up their spaces. It hit me: I wanted to help families make their homes not just look good but feel good too. With a genuine passion for enhancing living spaces and a knack for keeping things organized, I create inviting spaces that blend style with warmth, all while staying grounded in everyday practicality. I'd love to connect and learn about your space and how I can help. Simply click the link below to fill out an interior design survey.


Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life through the art of design.

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